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The brief introduction of Beijing XiaoQing Environmental Protection Group


The brief introduction of Beijing XiaoQing Environmental Protection Group

Beijing Xiaoqing Environmental Protection Group was established in 1989. It is an environmental protection hi-tech enterprise integrating scientific research, design, manufacturing, installation & commissioning, after-sale services and investment and construction. In addition, it is one of the earliest companies specializing in environmental engineering projects in China. Xiaoqing Environmental Protection Technology Co. Ltd. has been listed on National Equities Exchange and Quotations on June 27th, 2017. The stock code is 871116.

The group regards water, solid wastes and new energy as its main business and it attaches great importance to four pillar domains including strengthening engineering services, operation management services, equipment manufacturing and technical industrialization. Each of these domains has formed stronger core competence and larger industry scale.

For more than 20 years, the business of the group has reached 14 provinces and regions such as Beijing, Hebei, Jilin, Heilongjiang, Shandong, Shanxi, Sichuan, Fujian, Guangdong and Xinjiang and so forth. The group participated in several thousands of projects such as municipal water treatment and industrial wastewater treatment projects, garbage transfer and recycling projects, sludge treatment and disposal projects and rural biogas projects by ways including investment and construction, merger and acquisition, contracting construction and entrusted operation. Its businesses involve various environmental protection fields such as environmental engineering, water supply and sewage works, water treatment for buildings, garbage transfer, garbage recycling and new energy development and so on. The group is able to undertake all kinds of environmental protection engineering and scientific research and designs for wastewater treatment, reuse of recycled water, feedwater treatment, collection and recycled utilization of solid wastes, recycling of rainfall flood, biomass energy, environmental impact assessment, and ecological restoration and so forth.

 “Technical Xiaoqing” is the eternal pursuit of Xiaoqing and “Clear water, blue sky” is the constant goal of Xiaoqing. The technical research and development center of Xiaoqing Group has successfully researched and developed over 30 patented technology and equipment in recent years: HAF compound anaerobic reactor, three-phase biofilter, DAT-IAT, SBR water treatment technology, HYS integrated reclaimed water  treatment equipment, XQSF-I biological septic-tank, FSB water treatment biological stuffing, FSBBR underground domestic sewage treatment equipment as well as high concentration degradation-resistant industrial wastewater treatment technology and so on. These technologies and equipment lay a solid foundation for the further development of Xiaoqing Group.

Besides the remarkable achievements in the field of industrial wastewater treatment, Xiaoqing Environmental Engineering Group also established typical projects in numerous industries such as pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, beer industry, dairy industry, coating wastewater industry, coating production industry, food industry and electronics industry and so on; it accomplished the wastewater treatment engineering projects for well-known industrial enterprises such as Yanjing Beer, Yili Dairy, Pepsi, Foxconn Electronics, Changhe Auto, Harbin Pharmaceutical Group and Xinhua Pharmaceutical and so on. All abovementioned projects passed the acceptance inspections made by environmental protection departments, which achieved remarkable performances and gained unanimous recognition of governments and cooperating organizations.

In the field of BDO wastewater treatment, has been reached the success in sewage treatment engineering of the Lanshan tunhe in Xinjiang, coal chemical industry wastewater treatment engineering of Chiyuan in Chongqing, fine chemical industry wastewater treatment engineering of Hebi in Henan and so on, which means XiaoQing environmental group walks in the forefront of the industry of environmental protection in difficult coal chemical industry wastewater treatment field.

Rely on the strong financial strength and technological advantages, XiaoQing environmental protection in the field of water supply and drainage and sewage treatment plant have made substantial progresses. The completion of FuSong integration of water supply and drainage engineering in Jilin and yichun waterworks in Heilongjiang suggests Xiaoqing has made breakthrough progress in the construction of environmental protection in drinking water. Laoting country in hebei, Neiqiu country in Hebei, Shanian country in Henan and other places of the sewage plants show its successful protection developed research of rebuilding and sludge sewage factory and increase in the standard reform whit zero sludge emissions technology as the good operating indicators.


In the field of waste transfer and recycling, the integration of urban and rural garbage project of Jinxiang County in Shandong and Gaoyi county in Hebei projects successfully provide a powerful reference for the marketing operation and rural living garbage. The garbage recycling factory of Laoting county in Hebei, living garbage integration of Hailun  country in Heilongjiang and the resource project of Kezuohouqi in Inner Mongolia shows that Xiaoqing environmental protection group in domestic waste recycling, livestock and poultry manure utilization, biomass utilization, sludge fields has been achieved fruitful results. Using the living garbage, grassland feces, straw and other waste recycled to the formation of biogas, biological fertilizer, biofuels and other resource products, which can effectively "make Waste into Value", realized the recycling of resources.

Xiaoqing Environmental Protection Group has unique large scale environmental protection scientific research and equipment manufacturing base, abundant corporate financing strength as well as a team that is devoted to environmental protection. At present, there are more than 400 employees working for the group; more than 90% of them hold bachelor degrees and more than 30% of them hold master degrees. High quality and strong expertise are the standard system for talent training of Xiaoqing Group. In 2013, the group invested RMB 30 million to build the Xiaoqing Environmental Protection Technical Research & Development and Training Center in Laoting, Hebei Province, which provided better conditions for technical research & development and talent training. And the group reached a strategic agreement with the Hebei University of engineering to establish a production system, providing power for enterprise development.

In recent years, Xiaoqing environmental protection group relies on excellent technology, advanced management, leading business model in the water treatment market, to obtain multiple recognition of the market and industry. It won "rural water environment governance paradigm award" and "water environment comprehensive service award" successively issued by the ministry of environmental protection; the title of "Water industry excellent engineering company of ten " the title of "water industry young enterprise", " water industry influence in a service industry award of ten ", "industrial wastewater treatment annual benchmarking enterprise award", "environmental competitiveness of enterprise award", "China's model of low carbon enterprise award", and was also awarded the title of " green innovation enterprise of top ten ", and "3A grade credit enterprise"

Drops of clear water are like the sincere hearts of Xiaoqing Environmental Engineering Group to environmental protection cause. Being rooted in the environmental industry of China, Xiaoqing Environmental Engineering Group strives for the great objective of “Clear water, blue sky, prosperous nation, powerful people” in accordance with its enterprise spirit “Progressive, diligent, cordial, perfect”. In the future, Xiaoqing Environmental Protection Group will keep providing comprehensive environmental protection services for urban and rural areas as well as industrial parks with its innovative concepts, advanced technologies, high quality products and equipment as well as professional services. It will spare no effort to be a domestic leading comprehensive environmental service provider with worldwide influence and will strive constantly to be a first-rate high-tech environmental protection group of the world!